Christian Bale Yoga Instructional Video Big Success

LOS ANGELES - USA - Christian Bale, the actor and supreme lovey of lovey's, has created a Yoga instructional video that is blowing the Hollywood acting set for six.

Filmed on the set of his newest movie ‘Terminator Salvation’ Bale narrates the Ashtanga yoga video as well as performs some of the moves himself.

“Christian Bale is one of the calmest and most professional people I have ever met. He has an aura of calm about him when he walks in a room everyone just smiles and relaxes. Like he’s not like one of those intense psycho type actors who blows tantrums all the time. He was a pleasure to work with,” a fellow yogi star told LA’s Yoga Times newspaper.

The 4 hour and 20 minute instructional video will showcase Christian Bale’s yogic skills to the max and already many Hollywood stars are jumping all over the video and singing it’s praises.

“I play this video every f*cking day man, it’s like the motherf*ckin’ bomb man,” Quentin Tarantino said from his latest slasher movie set.

Californian legislators are even talking about playing the video to hardened inmates and murderers in all of the state correctional facilities so as to calm the prisoners down in times of trouble.

“We play this video to some of the inmates when they get close to rioting. It calms them down. Christian Bale has a very calming influence and i’ve seen a 400 pound killer sit on the floor and do his yoga like a good lil boy when we put the video on,” Palmer Trent, a warden at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison told the LA Times.


The Daily Squib has acquired an excerpt of the Christian Bale Ashtanga Yoga video which will be released in the UK on February 20th.