Crawling – the Latest Street Craze Taking World by Storm

NEW YORK - USA - Crawling on hands and knees is the latest craze taking the world by storm.


Major cities across the world have witnessed the new travel phenomenon, including New York, London, Damascus, Paris and Tokyo.

According to social media, ‘Doing the Crawl’ was coined by Dwayne LaMarr, 23, a New Yorker with a penchant for crawling started the craze in late April.

“I got the idea when I went to my local bank to get a loan for an auto. The dude said no when he looked at my credit record, but check this, when I got down on all fours, scooted round his desk then sniffed around, he said yes and now I gots me a new Escalade.”

Word got round Twitter and Facebook and now people are crawling all over cities, in front of land marks, tourist attractions, especially in financial centres.

“We’re doing a crawl up the Eiffel tower, instead of two hours, it should take us seven,” Maurice Dupont, 18, a Paris student told Le Figaro.

The largest group of crawlers were seen in London’s Hampstead High Street numbering over 400 people.

Savvy online retailers are cashing in on the crawl craze by selling knee pads to go along with those selfie sticks for those special crawl shots.

Xian Chan, CEO of Crawl is excited by the crawling: “We don’t just get orders from Hollywood starlets any more for those knee pads, it’s everyone. This is the summer craze to get everyone crawling plus it’s great exercise.”