Peter Fincham BBC1 Head Displayed at the Tower

LONDON - England - Mr Fincham was beheaded at the Tower of London by order of the Crown for treason yesterday.

Mr Fincham, the ex-head of BBC1, has had his head displayed outside Traitors Gate at the Tower of London. Mr Fincham is the most high profile execution in recent years.

The Public execution was conducted on Tower Hill and was photographed by the famous photographer Annie Liebowitz, who was appointed by her Royal Highness.

The occasion will be commemorated with a set of coins to be specially minted and sold from one of the last remaining post offices in England and Wales.

Television coverage of the event has already spread onto YouTube, the video sharing website, where 23 million views have already been registered in just a few hours.

The public execution was also viewed by millions worldwide as many TV companies vied for a prime position.

Susan Sontag, the eminent writer and friend of Liebowitz, will also be covering the execution and has been commissioned to write a large commemorative piece in the Sunday Times this week.

The Queen shapeshifts by accident in a fit of rage directed at a servant

BBC executives were in hiding today somewhere in the North of England. However, they will be soon found and executed for their part in the treasonous plot.

Head on the Block

After the Minister offered the last rites, Fincham gave the executioner a fiver and forgave him.


Mr Fincham’s execution went smoothly and the executioner only needed six strokes of the blunt axe to detach his treasonous head.

This is only the fourth execution for this executioner and he performed admirably for such an inexperienced fellow.


The crowd enjoyed the display and taunted Mr Fincham with rebukes for the horrible TV Licence tax that is foisted on everyone in Britain.

Peter Fincham, who has committed treason against her Majesty, was allowed to say a few words to the baying crowd, but was stopped short by a boiled potato hitting him square on the forehead.


After Fincham’s head was despatched, the executioner showed it to the crowd and then plonked it on a pike. It will be displayed at Traitors Gate for awhile, then moved to London Bridge when it gets too smelly and green.

Later on in the afternoon another executive, Stephen Lambert was hanged at Tower Hill. This time only a few people turned up because of his low status.

Her Royal Highness and other royal members viewed the days proceedings from the royal box away from the public.

The Queen has also declared a public holiday on Monday next week as well as abolishing the BBC TV Licence tax indefinitely. This wonderful news was met with merriment and joy across the nation.

In recent years BBC output has been torrid and banal, with very low quality ‘reality’ content. No one is going to miss any of the BBC’s vapid waste of taxpayer’s money ‘programming’.

‘Good riddance to bad rubbish,’ as they say.