Paul McKenna Promises to Make You Slimmer

GEORGETOWN - Cayman Islands - The television hypnotist promises to make his victims slimmer in the wallet when they pay for a £250 course which has no proven benefits to their health.

McKenna is on a holiday in the Cayman Islands and stops off at the tax-haven regularly to check on his millions. He has used hypnotherapy to acquire huge amounts of cash from the general population and is not stopping while he is ahead.

According to his website, Mr McKenna charges £250 plus VAT for the
day-long seminars that promise to “completely re-pattern your thoughts
– and ultimately programme your mind to slim your wallet”.

His bestselling books, with titles like “I Can Make You Rich”, come at hefty price tags of £20.99. We wonder who the ‘rich’ one is here?

After one of his ‘seminars’ you will come out and not remember handing over your credit card or writing that cheque for 250 notes.

McKenna, who owns many palatial residences across the world, has made so much money that he uses £50 pound notes for toilet paper.

Last week after filling the ashtray of his £350,000 Bentley, he had an assistant push it into a quarry so he could order another one.

Paul McKenna, who acquired his PHD’s from very reputable universities, is of course fully qualified to extract money from your wallet and he will continue to do so for a very long time whether you like it or not.

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