Size Minus Four Models In – Size Zero Out

NEW YORK - Size Zero models are now passé according to fashion guru Pablo Shertlefter.

I am at London Fashion week and am loving the Size Minus 4 models in town. One of the girls is beautiful in her glorious ‘Rexy’ look. I can actually see her blood flowing through her veins and her internal organs are clearly visible through her translucent skin. The model is wearing a bikini fashioned out of chiffon and it looks fabulous on her.

I ask our resident expert what he thinks of the fabulous Size Minus 4 look pioneered by the fabulous designer Mosher Liebowitz that is sweeping the fashion world.

“Darling, it is so beautiful to see these women walking the catwalks looking like lepers and victims of concentration camps. The fashion business is dominated by us gay men and we hate women. We don’t want women to have curves or be feminine in any way. We control these women and they do as we say. I love the fashion world because it is the only place where us gays have all the power.”

It seems there is definitely a lot of hatred within the fashion world and it feeds down to the brainless models who are sucked in by the cocaine and promise of fame.

Kate Moss, who is actually considered a role model in the skewed world of ‘fashion’, even coined the term ‘Rexy’ in place of ‘Sexy’. She is the poster child of the anorexic, emaciated cocaine-fuelled vapid fashion model and she defends her crown with more stupidity every day.

Size Zero is now out the window and Size Minus 4 is in. The Auschwitz look is the new standard in the self-hating world of fashion models.

I ask Pablo how his stable of models maintain their skeletons.

“We house the models in a closed quarter at a secret location in Milan. There are bars on the windows so the models cannot get out. However, they do not have enough energy to walk more than 15 meters anyway. We feed them one piece of lettuce a day and a trolley comes around with cocaine or amphetamines every half an hour. They are allowed to drink water, but nothing else. Last week we had 3 of them die on us, but we replaced them immediately and now the new recruits have already joined the Elite Modeling Agency. If possible, we begin indoctrination and brainwashing at the ages of 14 and younger.”

What can be construed as dedication to their homosexual masters is merely stupidity for these poor souls who have been misled into believing that female beauty does not have curves.

Self-loathing is the key to the fashion world, where punishment and agony is applauded and suffering is drowned out by Colombian marching powder copiously smeared into their frazzled amoeba brains.