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Man Finds Cure For 40p Tax Rate

DARLINGTON - England - All this talk about the 40p tax encouraging people to work is utter madness one man reveals.

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“It’s quite simple really, don’t work. What’s the point in working if all your money goes away never to be seen again? There’s a bit of madness in that, don’t you think? Let’s look at it this way, your money that you work bloody hard for, is siphoned straight out of your account and goes away, you worked for that, now it’s gone. That’s it! And what do you get for that money that was taken away? Nothing. Simple as that folks. You get nothing but a big wide eyed stare. That’s the 40p tax rate explained for you,” the man said from his hammock in his back garden whilst cradling a nice jug of ale.

Maybe someone should tell the other worker bees about such thoughts.

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