Tips on Painting the Parisian City

PARIS - France - Paris is a beautiful city, all you have to do is get through the smog and dense clouds of particles in the air to paint a portrait of the wondrous capital.


When choosing which medium to paint the Parisian landscape, delve into your surroundings, as Paris is now a polluted traffic nightmare, you will not need oils or water colour, instead opt for charcoal sticks and a bucket of polluted water.

The canvas should preferably be a dark colour as if it is white, when you add the grey clouds of polluted air into your master piece it would invariably be tiresome to say the least. You will only need two colours in your palette, grey and dark grey, if you are feeling adventurous, maybe some black.

Artists have always marvelled at the quality of light in Paris, but you should discard this altogether as you will not be able to see five paces in front of you let alone the Eiffel tower. Forgetting the great painters, like Monet, Rodin, Matisse, Cézanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas will be an easy task in today’s Paris, as they painted idyllic portraits and landscapes of an altogether different time where even though there was industrial pollution, it was not half as bad as Paris today.