New Theory: Was Malaysian Airliner a Stealth Fighter?

PENANG - Malaysia - Expert crash investigators have been flown in from America and have come up with a theory that Malaysian Airliner flight MH370 was secretly a stealth fighter.

Crash experts have come up with a new theory that is bound to boggle the mind, and it states that the Malaysian Airliner MH370 was a secret stealth fighter smuggled out of a base somewhere in the U.S.

“We think that flight MH370, a Boeing 777 somehow transformed in mid air into the latest stealth fighter from America’s military. All the pilot had to do was press a button and the wings shrunk, a protective radar resistant foam was spray painted over the fuselage and the tail wing morphed into an x wing or something like that. Damn, I’d pay good money to see that,” Gerald Ingram, a crash investigator and engineer revealed to CNN.

If this is true, that means the stealth fighter could be anywhere in the world right now as it would have extra fuel tanks, or if there are collaborators, most certainly the plane was refuelled in the air.