Short the Euro Now

LONDON - England - Holding off until the German elections will not do for what is to come soon. The news from Greece does not augur well says our resident financial soothsayer.

Every week we get three or four announcements about how well the eurozone economy is doing, but one only has to look at some very alarming indicators to realise the truth is otherwise.

We of course have our trusty Greek friends who are playing the long game, and their goal is to exit the eurozone with a very big bang holding two fingers up at the technocrats in Frankfurt. One has to first analyse the Mediterranean sensibilities of the Greeks, and of course you will see there has been a veritably large vendetta going on with Germany ever since World War II.

The Italians are in a very sorry state economically and their bursting welfare bills are sucking the life out of their embattled nation. When businessmen are moving whole factories out of the country, you can foresee a terrible frothy whirlpool storm brewing in the Tiber as their bottom heavy burdenous state sucks down the pyramid.

Spain is a dead bull’s carcass which has had its cojones lopped off by Brussels. With over 27% unemployment, they are stranded in a desert of bones waiting patiently for someone or something to crush their skeletal numbskulls and finish the job.

France is a socialist tax nightmare where all business and production has been stifled to the point of no return. The socialists have killed the French economy and it is now barely a shell not even fit for the guillotine.

As the dominoes fall, this will be the EU’s Glasnost, this will be the EU’s Berlin wall falling, and you can be fully prepared to make some sizeable returns by shorting the euro from this point of 1.33 mark. It’s a long way down and it will splutter making horrible noises as it chokes on its own poison.

This unwinding EU rubber band will bring down the banks, so if you have money in those, take it out immediately. Please do not forget what happened in Cyprus. They can take your money at whim after they exhaust every other avenue. When the banking elite want their money, you are there to give it to them and there is nothing you can do about it if you are caught unprepared in the deadly maelstrom.