Mervyn King: “Economic Recovery in Sight”

LONDON - England - Governor Sir Mervyn King has proclaimed that economic recovery is in sight in the UK.

As the once teeming with life High Streets of Britain are now boarded up graffiti ridden ghost towns with tumble weed made from rubbish blowing through their cold freezing fa├žades, take a look around you, we are about to witness a full economic recovery because the outgoing Governor of the Bank of England says so.

As you tuck your starving kids into their soiled sheets in the freezing hovel which you cannot afford to heat, why not tell them about how the Governor has assured everyone that good times are ahead.

Put your grandparents on a death pathway in some sodden crumbling underfunded NHS death trap ward and look around at the nurses and doctors ignoring all the patients as they slowly die of starvation and lack of water.

Don’t forget the squalid state schools where no one can speak English any more and your child is put in the back of the overcrowded class, ignored by the overworked barely functioning teachers strained to breaking point.

Try and buy a bus ticket if you can afford one or take out a bank loan if you can get one to afford a train ticket to go to work. Don’t forget your car though, that thing left in the drive because you cannot pay the MOT, exorbitant road tax, insurance, let alone fill it up with petrol taxed at 95% of the price.

Can’t get a job? There is hope though, try to open a business and make a living in an economy and system which taxes you to non existence and destitution.

Oh, and another thing, Governor Sir Mervyn King says there is an economic recovery coming soon.