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The Pound Will Soar as Britain Breaks Away From EU Prison

LONDON - England - The GBP currency is severely oversold, as the power of the British economy will unleash a severe increase in fortune for the ones who position themselves to profit.


Much like a Supermarine Spitfire firing up its Merlin engine, the Great British Pound has been oversold by the negative EU cash masters, but it will soon soar above the clouds of EU misfortune and its curses of unjust servitude.

Above the clouds, above the stratosphere, the positive force of the British Pound compounded by its newly found freedom which will bring Britain great riches, and will no doubt be a safe haven currency to rival the US greenback. Our word will be our bond, as the GBP will be a silver bound guarantor of safety amongst the morass of dud currencies floating in the sea of inequity.

If you are not in the GBP now, do not be a fool, fill your boots, because the rise will be a force to be reckoned with, and the banking institutions know it.

The positive force of the British economy will rise to immense heights.

There is a positivity building up right now as Britain gears up to free itself from a European Union intent on corrupt practices bereft of democracy and justice. Britain is apart from the EU, it is a fleeting spirit that holds ideals and democratic values superseding those of slavery under EU totalitarian rule.

Do not listen to the doomsayers, because these are people funded by the EU, these are corrupt officials who are part of ‘Project Fear’. Do not listen to them, they are negative elements in a soup of ineptitude and pestilence.

Gorbachev eu soviet

We must remember the spirit of conquest that Britain has fought for through two world wars, and the many men and women who fought and died for our freedom and democracy. The EU does not value any of that, they do not value freedom or democracy, because their system is one that takes away democratic rights, and is totalitarian and authoritarian resembling a Soviet system in the heart of Western Europe.

The Great British Pound will soar soon, and all traders, unless you have a position right now at these low levels you will lose out, Cable is impossibly oversold. There is no way but up, and Britain gaining its freedom on October 31 will ensure a massive jump upwards. Rest assured, the GBP will soar beyond levels seen in any currency within the last few years, but first there will be a period of upheaval as institutions tied with the EU tamper with the price negatively.


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