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Stockmarket Down But Be Positive Inflation Shoots Up

NEW YORK - USA - The stockmarket is falling while inflation is shooting up, that's a double hit in the cojones.

The Dow may have dropped 1,500 from a high of 26k, but look on the bright side folks, inflation is rising at an astronomical level.

What that means is everything just keeps getting more expensive. Your credit cards, mortgages and all the other shit created by bankers to siphon off money from your wallets at ridiculously high rates.

Will we see further drops in the stockmarket? Ah, it’ll go sideways here for awhile, consolidation, then up a teeny bit, but mostly down from now on.

Don’t blame Trump, this is cyclical, and cannot be controlled.

We wrote about the bubble popping awhile ago, last year to be precise, and here we are.

The Dow dropping 1,600 points is a drop in the ocean though when the market falls 60% then there will be cause for concern.

How can you tell where the bottom is? That’s a hard one, almost like trying to find the highest high, but the lowest low will be the place where buying interest starts again. At the moment the stockmarket is so overbought that there is no intrinsic link to reality in the economy. Corrections are a natural phase.

There may be acceleration in momentum on the downside, if this occurs, don’t bother phoning the broker, the phone will be off the hook. Just gently put your head between your legs and kiss your stocks goodbye.

Sit back, break out the Schlitz, dip in the popcorn, and fucking relax…but only if you sold everything like yesterday.

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