Google to Fine EU For Totalitarian Soviet Attitude That Frankly Stinks

MOUNTAIN VIEW - USA - After being fined 2.8 billion dollars or whatever it is by the EU, Google has come out fighting, and have instead turned the tables on the Brussels menace.


“We are demanding that Brussels pays Google 4.9 billion dollars for being a bunch of totalitarian assholes,” some guy called Schmidt yelled from an emergency boardroom meeting on Wednesday

As for Larry and Sergey, they are set to make their own YouTube video on how the EU ‘sucks balls’ and is trying to dominate every facet of our lives.

“Have you seen the EU, they have thousands of laws and regulations for tooth brushes, pillowcases, and even shower curtains. What kind of a world do we have to live in where the tentacles of the EU reach into every facet of our lives? We’re American by the way. Who the hell is this EU telling us Americans what to do and fine us for that amount?,” an angry Mr Page said from his unregulated American exercise bike.


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