One Trillion Euros Now Worth About Thirty Bucks

ATHENS - Greece - Think of the Europeans. Now they have to carry around their currency in suitcases. The euro is now so devalued thanks to the euro debt crisis that many people have no room in their houses for the cash needed to buy everyday goods.

“I just went to buy some groceries, a loaf of bread, a bag of tomatoes and some toilet roll. 85 trillion euros they charged me! I’m bloomin’ livid I am. It’s those bloody krauts and their stinkin’ riches,” Stavros Lazyitis told Greek national radio.

It is not just in Greece however where the euro cash problem is having a detrimental effect. All over the eurozone the carnage is evident as many are reduced to paying for even the tiniest of goods in trillion euro denominations.

“I bought my three year old daughter a lollipop this morning. It was 2.5 trillion euros, so I only had a 20 trillion note on me, well you can guess what happened next. The shopkeeper had to go to the back of the shop and get a shopping trolly load of money to give me the f*cking change. It’s those bloody Greeks what done it and we’re in this bloody mess. Innit?” Helga Gothenberg, from Hamburg told Germany’s Deutsche satellite network channel.

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