An Englishman’s Home No Longer His Castle Says UK Law

LONDON - England - The Englishman has been emasculated by British law because he is not allowed to own a firearm to protect his family and property a new independent study has revealed.


“Citizens who protect their families and homes when attacked by violent thugs who carry firearms and assorted weapons are prosecuted in Britain. If you defend yourself you can go to prison according to UK law, therefore it is advised to let your loved ones be injured or killed than to defend them, the current law stipulates.

“When heavily armed criminals enter your property and mean to do you or your family harm, you therefore have no recourse, apart from lying down and letting them get on with it. Criminals can get firearms for as little as £50 from the black market or local pub, but if a citizen owns a firearm to defend themselves, they’re looking at a minimum of five years in jail. If they use a weapon to defend themselves whilst under attack they would get a minimum of 10 years in jail depending on the damage meted out on the protected criminals.

“Britain has fallen prey to a legal policy that protects the rights of criminals and thugs more than the civilians who are daily under attack from gangs armed to the hilt. The effete British male is now no more than an ornament, or a mankini wearing moobed extra on the TOWIE set.”

The report went on to urge the government to allow citizens to own firearms and be free from prosecution when defending their loved ones or property from attack.