Which War Zone Will You Be Flying Over For Your Summer Holidays?

FLY ZONE - Ukraine - Airline flight paths travel through most current war zones, adding an extra thrill to flying to your dream holiday.

Summer holidays have never been so much fun in years, it’s not just the in-flight entertainment that will keep you amused but the thought in the back of your mind that you’re flying over a war zone and could be shot down at any minute by a missile.

“I love it, it’s like Russian roulette, you just don’t know if you will be the one to get it. Gives a good adrenaline kick to your on board glass of Chardonnay. Forget the Mile High Club, this is way more thrilling because the unscrupulous airlines never tell you their actual flight plan,” Gary Allinson, 46, wrote on his Facebook page before being shot down with 392 passengers by a surface to air missile over Eastern Europe on Monday.

Currently, it is highly dangerous to fly over the Middle East, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Africa, some parts of South America, Russia, China, South East Asia and anywhere in Malaysia. But don’t worry about such trivialities, it’s all part of the thrill, especially when you have no idea which flight path your plane actually takes, or changes.

Happy summer holidays!

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