Peaceful Aliens Landed on Earth Yesterday But Left After Two Minutes

MICHIGAN - USA - The earth was briefly visited by aliens from outer space yesterday.

“They had a message of peace, like some kind of flag with a happy face on it. I saw them coming out of the flying saucer. I walked up to them and showed them a newspaper front page, they looked at me and said ‘200 years’. The peaceful aliens then got back in their ship and zoomed back into space,” witness Ernie Dean, a beet farmer from Muskegon told CNN.

Space experts are trying to figure out why the aliens would leave so rapidly.

“The state we’re in is great, everything is wonderful on earth, surely they are mistaken. Also the ‘200 years’ bit must be some kind of riddle. Maybe that means they will be back in another 200 years when humans learn to live with each other peacefully, or we could all be gone by then and they’ll feel safer coming here, who knows?” Dr. Fred Farquhar, from NASA’s Space Research Center revealed.