UK and US Government: “Why We’re Building Fake Towns”

KENT - England - You may be wondering why the US and UK are building replica towns around the country, well do not be alarmed.

Contrary to belief, the US and UK heavily armed militarised police/army are not building fake towns to prepare for mass riots but simply as a recreation tool for police to let off steam.

“You know you get off the beat, get back to the station and still feel the adrenaline. You need to let off steam, crack a few more skulls, well we created a paradise for coppers. Here we can bang heads to our hearts desire. I then can go home refreshed and ready for the next day,” PC Dobbins Plodd. of the Metropolitan police told ITV news.

Next time you see news reports of preparations being made for massive civil unrest due to complete economic collapse, rest assured these are baseless theories. Just go back to watching X Factor or surfing your Facebook page. There is nothing to worry your dumbed down head with, just go back to sleep.