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Police Did Not Bite the Sacrificial Lamb But What About the Big Bad Wolf?

LONDON - England - Hello, hello, hello, we'd like a little word with you sir. Yes, you will be under caution.

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Rebekah Brooks offered herself up, and was indeed pushed forward, as a sacrificial lamb to the courts, but they did not bite the offering, hmm, wonder why?

“Because the knives are now out for the big bad wolf, the chief corrupter, the one who knows everything that goes on in his dominion. Everyone knows about the Murdoch wolf, he may resemble a tortoise, but this guy is the main honcho, the devil himself,” a Fleet Street insider revealed today.

No doubt the newly single arch demon of News Corp is probably untouchable, but his bugging escapades with the Royal family will have angered some at the highest levels.

Under pressure, who knows what Coulson and Brooks blabbed, who knows?

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