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Homeless Michelle Obama’s Plea For Help

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The former First Lady, Michelle Obama has fallen on hard times and is now living in a sewer under the city eking out a meagre existence, MSNBC has reported.

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Former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama has been photographed for the first time in months after being made homeless in January.

She now lives in a sewer in Washington D.C. and has made an appeal to the nation through social media.

“After Barack was impeached, they kicked us out of the White House. He used up all the money in the country, so none was left. Barack became an angry drunk meth head and now walks the streets of Miami, as for me, I took my last multi-million taxpayer funded vacation then went to live in the sewers with all the rest of them. They treat me right here, sometimes I venture up, but I ain’t seen the sunlight for weeks. Scuse me, I gotta take a sniff,” Michelle then picks up a brown paper bag, and inhales sharply, she then vomits into a rusting tin can.

Reporters from MSNBC gave Mrs Obama a few pieces of cornbread, which she ate with gusto. How things have changed since the good old days.

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