Putin: “I Should Have Moved My Money Out First”

MOSCOW - Russia - President, Vladimir Putin, is currently moving his troops away from the Ukrainian border, or so he claims.


“I’m only ordering a temporary move away from the border, because the Swiss bankers have gone and told the Yankee swine where my stash is kept. I thought it was hidden well enough but they seem to have located it. Now, there will be a temporary reprieve, but once I get my money to a safe zone, then it will be back to business,” a rather worried Putin told the Duma on Wednesday.

Turning the screw

Things were bound to get a little personal, and Obama’s advisers certainly have done the trick with this one.

Putin can console himself that he has managed to make Obama look like a rank amateur, however next time Vlad, move the money out first.

  • Arayik Sargsyan

    Saudi Arabia already in crisis.

    Expert assessment of Academy of Geopolitics.

    The budget deficit of Saudi Arabia can reach 20% of GDP. The country for the first time for the last eight years started borrowing money in the financial markets. One of bonded loans was placed this week. But experts believe that the saved-up reserves to the kingdom will last still for a long time, and Riyadh won’t refuse the policy of strengthening of oil export. This week Saudi Arabia placed state bonds for 20 billion reals ($5,3 billion). It is the second loan for this summer — the size June made 15 billion reals ($4 billion). The kingdom can attract $27 billion by the end of the current year. Money was necessary for saudita because of double falling of prices of oil, receipts from which export form almost all income of the country. In 2015 the budget was under construction of calculation of price of oil in $105 for barrel. We will remind that at Saudi Arabia the income from export of oil makes more than 90% of state revenues. Deficiency of the state budget of the country, according to experts of Academy, can make 20% of GDP this year. These are about $140 billion. For comparison: the budget deficit of Russia is predicted in the current year of 3,4% of GDP, or about $40 billion. Saudi Arabia closed the arisen hole at the expense of an expenditure of the saved-up reserves until recently. Since August, 2014 for maintenance of the public expenditures the kingdom spent $65 billion from the state reserves which $672 billion equal at the moment. It should be noted that the budgetary problems of Saudi Arabia turned out to be consequence her politicians in the oil market. The kingdom supports the excess offer of oil and low price level to keep the market share and as much as possible to complicate strengthening of production of slate oil in the USA. And here the IMF considers that to make real GDP growth next year — 2,7%. In many respects, it manage to achieve due to maintenance of high level of state expenses, including due to decumulation of reserves. $672 billion very impressive sum, but experience of other countries ( including Russia) shows that it can be spent very quickly, especially, if to support state expenses at the current level. Therefore the kingdom, most likely, will continue to borrow money in the market.For Russia it not the best signal. Present forecasts of the government assume an increase in prices for oil next year and if it isn’t, the budget will continue to be under pressure. And reserves at Russia are almost twice less, than at Saudi Arabia.

    Besides the country is under sanctions, and economic growth negative. All this does the Russian economy more sensitive to falling of oil quotations, than economy of the Saudi kingdom.

    Same strengthens positions of Riyadh at negotiations with Moscow on such sensitive topics as Syria, Iran and Palestine. Saudita do all new trade offers to the Kremlin that that refused support of the Syrian president Bashar Assad.

    At the negotiations of Foreign Ministers Adel al-Dzhubeyra and Sergey Lavrov completed the other day, it was talked, for example, of the contract for delivery of the Russian «Iskander » missile systems. Riyadh also offered investments into $10 billion. Thus, as experts of Academy of Geopolitics believe that the change on the Syrian question is quite possible. However, are for this purpose necessary not only the Saudi billions, but also positive shift in the Russian-American relations as in the Kremlin perceiveRiyadh only as the ally of Washington.

    Arayik Sargsyan, the President of Academy of Geopolitics, the academician, the Honourable Consul of Macedonia in Armenia.

  • Arayik Sargsyan



  • Russian “Gazprom” against the Baku gas.

    New gas war in the Caucasus ?
    Arayik Sargsyan , academician ,Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia.
    Increasing tensions between Russia and Azerbaijan over the acquisition of the gas transportation network in Greece. Russian OAO “Gazprom Gazprom” lost Azerbaijan “SOCAR” in the struggle for the purchase of ” Greek gas company ” (DEPA). Azerbaijani SOCAR has acquired 66 percent stake in the company DESFA ( unit DEPA, which operates a system of high pressure gas pipelines in Greece) , inviting her for 400 million euros. This project involves pumping Azerbaijani gas to Europe from the field ” Shah Deniz – 2 ” in a volume of 10 billion cubic meters / meters of gas per year. The Kremlin is very unhappy about this behavior Baku and Athens. So do not think this is the end and after Olempic Games in Sochi will start new branches of geopolitical rivalry in the Caucasus.”
    Arayik Sargsyan,academician,vice -president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Honorary Consul of Macedonia to Armenia.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XQbgmNLHHo&feature=youtu.be