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Poll Made Me Believe What They Wanted Me to Believe Says Man

NEWCASTLE - England - If you have ever doubted poll results, you are totally wrong, because polls are a true representation of public opinion.

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A man who read a poll result about a subject but initially had his doubts about it, now believes that the poll result is correct and has allayed his fears about the subject.

“I used to have an opinion about something but when I read the poll result, you know 1,345 people were polled out of a population of 65 million in the UK, I realised I was the one in the wrong,” David Crabtree, 45, an accountant from West Glamorgan, told a BBC poll.

Although polls are not representative of the population, they are widely used to enforce and change public opinion by citing poll results as proof.

“I love polls. No, not Poles, but polls. They’re great for changing the mind of the proles. Put a poll in an informative article and voila, you have solid proof that you were right all along. We just did a poll on how effective polls were in changing peoples’ minds yesterday. The poll results were astounding, we surveyed 53 people out of a possible 65 million to come to the conclusion that polls are wonderful and we need more polls to tell us that polls are a great way to poll people,” senior director for the National Office of Statistics and Polls said in a recent poll.

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