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Uh Oh! Iranian President Mysteriously Killed in Helicopter Crash

AZERBAIJAN - No one knows yet how the Iranian president perished in a helicopter crash over mountainous terrain.

Whodunnit? Whoever pulled this ‘accident’ off is a blinding genius. It’s sort of similar to the Russian Yevgeny Prigozhin plane crash that suddenly happened out of nowhere. This time it was a helicopter, and it’s common knowledge that helis do sometimes crash, so that could be a good excuse. So, how did the Iranian president die?

Either Mossad pulled off another genius move, or it was a genuine foggy accident. We will probably never know.

Of course, the crash could also be justified as the will of Allah, and it was time for Ebrahim Raisi also knows as The Butcher of Tehran to make a swift exit to convene with his 72 virgins. Not quite sure what sort of virgins would await Raisi, but one supposes that’s up to the Shi’ite clerics to discuss.

Israel has said it had nothing to do with the death of Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi, who was killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday evening.

A government official in Jerusalem told Reuters that “it wasn’t us” in a statement.

The Israelis however did have a hand in taking down senior Hamas commander Sharhabeel Al-Sayed in Beirut, Lebanon on Friday. An Israeli drone fired two missiles at the vehicle carrying the Hamas commander, killing him instantly.



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