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Henry Kissinger’s WW3 Ghost: “Drums of War So Loud They Hurt My Ears”

LONDON - England - The offices of the Daily Squib were visited by Henry Kissinger's WW3 ghost talking about the drums of war.

Yes, the famous WW3 prophecy of 2011 is materialising at break neck speed. The Daily Squib office was visited once again by the esteemed statesman Henry Kissinger, but this time in the form of a ghost. Uh oh, It’s those drums of war again. His physical body left behind, his apparition floated around the Squib office’s well-used pool table and at one point even went up our secretary Julie’s dress to have a quick peek.

WW3 warning for Britain after US official gives stark reality check if Putin wages war

“Dear Squibbers, and all others who heeded my warnings from 2011, the time is finally arising I see. Even though it is a bit late, Europe and the USA are preparing for WW3 in a more serious manner. The drums of war are now so loud they hurt my ears. I can see the factories working overnight to manufacture ammunition and other arms. Good, this is prudent. Self-sufficiency in manufacture will be a key factor, as at times the USA may not be able to help others. Food will be another bone of contention, once again self-sufficiency will be of import.

How Europe and Britain are getting ready for ‘WW3’

“Undersea internet cables will be cut thus causing huge disruptions, satellites will be targeted especially concerning military and navigation so no more sat nav. Those Russian and Chinese hackers will be working overtime when the internet is still up to disrupt the infrastructure of the West. Russia and China have EMP devices they can deploy, and they will use them. All modern vehicles will be disabled, and all electronics fried, so start preparing those Faraday cages right now. Power stations and other utilities will all be affected, including solar and wind.

“My protégé Bibi has been working overtime in Gaza and Rafa, but Israel will need to extend their reach further to Iran, Lebanon and Syria. Iran is the key, as mentioned in the 2018 prophesy.

The supreme land of Eretz Ha’Avot, our motherland, our home will fight with all its might now to cleanse the Middle East of threats to Israel. This is the time to cut out the tumour that has haunted us for so long, and Bibi, my protégé, will take no prisoners. Rest assured…

“It is not a question of “if” but “when” WW3 occurs because as you see, Putin will not stop. His arms factories are working day and night, and his poorly equipped and trained soldiers are daily put through the Ukrainian meat grinder. Despite all of this and all the threats, nuclear weapons are still off the table, Putin wants Europe relatively intact and not to end the entirety of human civilisation through all out nuclear destruction. Yes, you may be surprised by this revelation, but Putin does have some sort of sense in his cancer-ridden body.

“To survive, the USA, Europe, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other Western aligned nations must now instate full military conscription. This is the only way you will survive. It’s a no-brainer, because to prepare, you will need some time. You have already left it too late. This is the last bell.

“The EU always stated that the formation of their union preserved peace in Europe, but here in my ghost realm I chuckle at the thought that it was the EU’s expansionist aspirations in Ukraine in the first place that roused Russia to act. The EU created this war, and the EU will have to defend themselves from a Russian anger that has been brewing for decades of meddling on its borders. It is quite ironic, really, that the EU has brought through their greedy imperial ways a pestilence on Europe that will not only test its leaders but will eventually lead to its downfall.

“All this drums of war WW3 talk, sheesh, I am tired now. It is hard being a ghost. It’s back to hell for me, hell ain’t a bad place to be, as AC/DC once said. We got all the presidents here, all the despots, and any vice you desire, it’s just like those wonderful days in Bohemian Grove. I’m off to play poker with my old friend from the White House, Richard. Hot poker — not the card game. This is where we brand the new arrivals every day. So many come here, it’s getting crowded down here. Anyway, see you later folks, enjoy!”


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