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There Will Be an Eventual Backlash to Illegal and Legal Immigration Mass Influx

DOVER - England - Eventually there will be a backlash to the mass influx of illegal and legal immigration.

Forget about the morals and ethics about mass unfettered immigration of millions, and millions of people flooding into a country in a short period of time. None of the ethics, or morals count any more when the original inhabitants of any area of land in the world are now marginalised and deemed irrelevant.

Consider that nations developed over thousands of years with terrible wars and power play and civil wars; kingdoms, tribes, unrest, peace, shaping nation states into a single cohesive entity. All of this history is now under review, it is an irrelevancy when there is a mass deluge of hordes of migrants from countries who have no care for the history or the people they have effectively invaded. Of course, the word ‘invasion’ is far too strong a word to say, but what else can it be described as? It is not an invasion à la D-Day, but it is an undercover immigration invasion where it is not evident at first, but over time there is no ignoring it.

To have cultures around the globe is a beautiful thing, and should be cherished, but what happens when there is an imposition of a completely different culture on an existing culture, and it is so pervasive and insidious that it poses an existential threat to your very own well-being, your very own existence? Would Saudi Arabians tolerate millions of pork eating, alcohol drinking, European Christians on a mass immigration push into their country suddenly, all demanding their right to do as they please?

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Integration used to be the word used, but now it is a forgotten concept, as the mass influx is so great that it has been lost under the deluge. None of these people want to integrate or care to even envision such a concept. Their main focus is one of smash and grab immigration culture. Many are here for the benefits, they want housing, money, food and free health care, as well as free schooling for their many children. They do not give one squirt of piss for the King or the castles, or scones, or fucking strawberries and cream at Wimbledon.

The profligate, floundering current Sunak Government wants to fly a few token illegal immigrants to Rwanda at a cost to the taxpayer of £1.8 million each. Only an insane person would think this was a good idea.

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Cities and towns are now creating ghettos. White English flight happens almost immediately, even if there are attempts to stop it. Entire swathes of the country are ghettoised no-go urban nightmare zones where the migrants are placed, and the indigenous population moves away. Crime soars, rapes, burglaries, violence, mugging and all sorts of nasty enterprises develop like a big fat tumour, growing daily with no bounds or treatment.

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Eventually, there will be a breaking point, and when this moment erupts, no governmental or military intervention will be able to stop what occurs. The truth is that the cat is already out of the bag, and things are getting a lot worse for the indigenous population of this country, who can trace their ancestors back thousands of years. It is almost impossible now to get an appointment with your local GP, or an ambulance if you are in dire need. The schools are so oversubscribed that 60 or 70 pupils are sardined within each crumbling, underfunded class. The roads of Britain are pot holed car parks where some foreign drivers do not even know what side of the road to drive on when going at 75 MPH past a primary school. Housing is shot to shit, where councils are now considering building over formerly protected forests, rivers and green pastures.

As for those of foreign birth, or non-English people born in Britain who have tried to integrate, and have done their best, the sad part is that when things do kick off, there will probably be little distinction between them and the ones who came here just to plunder and use this place up. That is the sad fact of the entire sorry story.

Until that moment occurs, put on another brew and sit there watching everything deteriorate slowly. Mass immigration? Nah, it never happened or is any concern…


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