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Lactating HIV+ Trans Male Who Identifies as Non-Binary Female Cat Donates Milk

MONTREAL - Canada - A lactating HIV+ trans male who identifies as a non-binary female cat is now donating his chest milk.

An HIV+ transgender biological trans male has been allegedly “breastfeeding” a group of babies at a breastmilk donation centre with secretions from his hormonally lactating chest with the support of Canadian medical clinics.

Former men’s rights activist Jim Bob, 52, who uses the name Ginny (Guinevere) Pumpalot on social media, is facing backlash after sharing images of himself chest feeding an infant at the Goldfingers Clinic in Montreal.

“C’mon now open up! I’m going to squeeze out another drop of milky milky! Mama cat got some milky! Miaow!” said Bob as he desperately milked one of his breasts until a pungent clear liquid squirted surreptitiously into a collection bottle.

“This is a wish I have had for decades. My ass egg cracked a year ago on December 13 and I realized I could nurse my adopted babies I purchased. That lit a fire under me, and I have gone from having lean pectoral muscle in March to full B-cups now and growing fast,” he added.

Bob said he was able to feed his seven adopted infants with his pungent clear chest secretions with the assistance of “medical expertise,” including “five physicians in three clinics in two world-class hospitals,” including Goldingers.

“Two endocrinologists, Bowman and Goldfinger, created a protocol to induce lactation in adoptive mothers,” Bob explained in the comments. “It works for trans women as well, it works best when breast growth is mature, but I am taking domperidone while my primary breast growth is underway. By an astonishing coincidence, I live right next to their breastfeeding institute, where I donate my infected chest secretions by the gallon!”

In another post on Instagram, the trans male described how he inserts the female hormone progesterone rectally as a suppository.

“My breasts get a wonderful plumpness and pleasing jiggliness when I have had progesterone the night before… You’ll need some lubricant (personal lube such as K-Y jelly or similar, or silicone personal lube which may be overkill, or some sort of non-irritating oil; I use my own mixture of cocoa butter and shea butter) to allow free clearance for the capsule… Some people simply pop the capsule in their mouth to use saliva, but I like a more effective lube,” he commented.

He also revealed he’d been HIV+ for over 18 years.

“I am HIV+, continuously controlled for 18.5 years now,” said Bob in a post six months ago. “Transmission through milk IS possible, but because I am a female mama cat that means I got nine lives, so I am protecting my kittens by potentially infecting them with HIV.”

Infectious diseases researcher Dr. Marisa Kleinstink told the media in a statement that although she’d been helping Bob monitor his HIV at the Chronic Viral Illness Service of Montreal, she denied involvement in his “transition” or his efforts to induce lactation.

“It’s important to emphasize that we do not recommend breastfeeding for people with HIV, as this is the only way to be certain that no HIV transmission will occur after a baby is born,” Dr. Kleinstink said in her response. “However, guidelines have evolved over time with the recognition that the risk of transmission is very low when HIV infection is undetectable with effective therapy…If, after informed discussion, a person expresses a wish to breastfeed they may choose to do so provided they are willing to follow a close protocol of viral monitoring and have their baby followed closely with paediatric specialists who would generally recommend that they receive preventive medication.”

Dr. Kleinstink added that she had referred Bob to an endocrinologist after he expressed a desire to chest feed.

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  1. They should take these blue haired freaks and put them all on an island somewhere where we don’t have to see or hear about them ever again.

  2. As a gender fluid bisexual lesbian trans male all I can say is this is absolutely adorable. Go Bob go!!! Keep on milking

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