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Amnesty International: “Hamas Tortured Killed Palestinians in Al Shifa Hospital”

GAZA - Hamas killed and tortured Palestinians in al-shifa hospital according to an Amnesty International report.

The low-information protesters who know little or nothing about the region or how Hamas operates refuse to acknowledge that Hamas is a terrorist organisation. An Amnesty International report revealed the horrific acts of torture and murder Hamas committed on Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel. This torture and murder spree was utilised by Hamas to accuse people without any evidence to get rid of any threats to their dictatorial control over the Gaza people. Al shifa hospital was also used by the terror group to torture and murder Palestinians.

As well as carrying out unlawful killings, others abducted by Hamas were subjected to torture, including severe beatings with truncheons, gun butts, hoses and wire or held in stress positions. Some were interrogated and tortured or otherwise ill-treated in a disused outpatient’s clinic within the grounds of Gaza City’s main al-Shifa hospital. At least three people arrested during the conflict accused of “collaboration” died in custody.

The Amnesty International report further revealed evidence of brutal torture practices carried out by the terrorist group Hamas.

“There were marks of torture and bullet shots on his body. His arms and legs were broken… his body was as if you’d put it in a bag and smashed it… His body was riddled with about 30 bullets. He had slaughter marks around his neck, marks of knives… And from behind the head – there was no brain. Empty… It was difficult for us to carry him… He was heavy, like when you put meat in a bag; no bones. His bones were smashed. They broke him in the prison,” said his brother, who retrieved the body from al-Shifa hospital morgue on 22 August 2014.

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  1. I was at the anti-Israel march on Sunday in London. I saw many Hamas supporters there and after reading this I am sickened.

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