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Obama Liked Mandela Fake Signer So Much He’s Bringing Him to D.C

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa - President Barack Obama has been thoroughly impressed by the fake signer at Mandela's tribute and wants to bring him to the White House.

President Obama was so impressed by the fake signer at Mandela’s funeral ceremony that he is bringing him back to Washington D.C.

“Well I want him next to me every time I speak. You see as you all know everything I say is the truth, so this guy will back up my words,” Obama told some reporters from his $45,000 per night South African hotel.

From now on Obama will have two teleprompters, a fake signer, a fake birth certificate and fake social security numbers all displayed wherever he speaks. White house aides have said the podiums may get a little crowded with all the fake stuff but have bowed to pressure from the president.

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