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Harry & Meghan Catastrophic Two Hour Car Chase at 5 MPH Through Manhattan

NEW YORK - USA - A supposed catastrophic car chase occurred between Harry and Meghan and the paparazzi on Thursday.

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In a rare display of thrilling action and high-speed excitement, a catastrophic car chase through the streets of Manhattan unfolded yesterday at an astonishing 5 miles per hour, leaving onlookers breathless with anticipation. Inside the vehicle being chased were Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Meghan’s mother.

‘relentless pursuit lasting more than two hours’ 

“It was absolutely terrifying and could have resulted in catastrophic disaster as the paparazzi chased us through 5 MPH traffic in Manhattan,” a terrified Prince Harry recalled.

The slow-motion pursuit began when press photographers saw Meghan Markle leaving an awards ceremony, where she was showered with praise and given an award for doing absolutely fucking nothing.

As the car chase weaved through traffic at a blistering 5 miles per hour, pedestrians and cyclists effortlessly overtook the pursuit, casting perplexed glances at the unusual spectacle. Bystanders quickly realized that they could outpace the chase on foot or even on a leisurely bicycle ride.

The streets of Manhattan transformed into a comical obstacle course as the celebrity filled vehicle meandered through congested intersections, pausing at each red light as if rehearsing a choreographed routine. Pedestrians exchanged bemused glances and wondered if they had unknowingly entered an alternate reality where time itself had slowed to a crawl.

News helicopters, typically tasked with capturing adrenaline-pumping chases came and went, missing the 5 MPH car chase.

In a surprising twist, local residents, known for their New York hustle, gathered on sidewalks and balconies to cheer on the Harry and Meghan chase with sarcastic applause and exaggerated yawns. Street vendors seized the opportunity, offering popcorn and folding chairs for rent, turning the spectacle into a peculiar form of slow-motion entertainment.

“We saw one guy push a corn dog through the window as Meghan Markle visibly retched at the smell. She is a strict vegan who only eats specially sourced bio-organic ethical food. This was their catastrophic car chase, it was fucking hilarious. Prince Harry, what a nonce, he was shouting into a phone and looked terrified,” a bystander revealed to Fox Local.

As the pursuit continued at its leisurely pace, frustrated drivers stuck in the snail-paced traffic honked their horns in impotent frustration, their exasperation echoing through the streets like a symphony of annoyance.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the chase came to a gentle conclusion when the vehicle holding the celebrities arrived at the four-star Michelin restaurant, the trio quickly rushed out of the car, but made sure to slow down when the paparazzi started clicking away. It is good to see that Harry and Meghan are now receiving more privacy these days than they were in the UK.

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