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Bud Light Marketing VP Transitioning to Become Homeless Bum

NEW YORK - USA - The Bud Light Marketing VP who completely destroyed the brand is now transitioning to be a homeless tramp.

Bud Light tastes like piss water, but is a beer brand that was generally well-known in America amongst a predominantly male drinking group; that is, until Alissa Gordon Weinerscheisse decided to market the predominantly male orientated beer to a portion of the population only making up 0.007% — i.e. the trans community.

A graduate of Fharton business school, Weinerscheisse has been hailed in interviews as the first woman to ‘lead’ Bud Light in its 41-year history.

The brand VP was shoe-horned into the fray to supposedly increase sales and since her appointment, sales of Bud Light have dropped by over 90% and the company, Anheuser-Busch has lost over $6 billion in stock value. The reason for the drop in sales is that in a bid for supposed ‘inclusivity’ she thought using a gay man with a penis who thinks he is a woman prancing around embarrassingly in videos acting like a catatonic jerky rabid effeminate cissy trying to emulate a female badly would be good for sales.


This embarrassing woke fiasco is a sashaying f@ggot trans opera that has created a huge backlash and a rapid sales drop that is so precipitous it may even mean the loss of the brand completely.

Alissa Gordon Weinerscheisse has since deleted all her online profiles and is transitioning to be a homeless drug addict in Philadelphia’s Kensington Avenue.

“I am transitioning to become a homeless person. I now identify as a drugged up fuck who will probably overdose on Fentanyl mixed in with copious amounts of Xylazine imported fresh from China daily. The positive thing is that I will have loads of cans of Bud Light which I will be pushing around in a shopping cart with the rest of my belongings.”

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