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Apparently the Dalai Lama Likes Young Boys?

DHARAMSHALA - India - The leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama has sparked outrage after kissing a young Indian boy on the lips and asking him to "suck" his tongue.

Religious leadership and deviancy go hand in hand these days, as they were covered in past decades, these days of the internet and photography things are harder to cover up. Who knew it, the Dalai Lama is deviant who likes young boys? What about the current pope and those of the past, who knows what happens in the catacombs or papal rooms? It seems now there is no shame for these religious leaders, as every deviant action of the past is being normalised.

As the current ‘Luminati’ agenda is one of normalising deviancy, it should be no surprise that paedophilia will be the next strand of society to be normalised. The goal is to normalise things that were previously viewed as taboo or forbidden, and serve a purpose to kill traditional family units further.

“We have already killed off the family unit to some extent by indoctrinating women to work away from home and this effectively kills off the family unit to some degree, but it is not enough. We now educate young children and encourage them to indulge in sodomy and to hate their biological selves, resulting in body mutilation in the transexual industry. These are wonderful programs we have introduced to the brainwashed population and serves a firm purpose — depopulation. Along with declining global fertility, mass abortion industry and increase in cancers, the depopulation strategy we are employing will most certainly serve us well in the future,” a prominent member of the Collective revealed on Wednesday.

Normalisation, and demoralisation in many Western countries and developing nations is pretty much complete after decades of indoctrination from countries like China and Russia.

Normalisation is conducted via the use of corporate brands, media, educational institutions, celebrities, politicians and religious leaders championing formerly forbidden or taboo actions.

“When figures you have looked up to and praised in the past suddenly start conducting themselves in certain ways and brands that you may have trusted in the past say it’s okay to do this or that, then impressionable people see it as normal behaviour. The key is to conduct this operation globally and all at the same time and implement it within all points of society, especially the education system,” another officer of the Collective revealed.

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