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Trump’s Only Crime Was Operating and Owning Property in New York

NEW YORK - USA - Republican politicians and citizens are under threat of persecution if they live and work in Democrat-run cities.

If you’re a Republican candidate or politician in any capacity; to operate and own multiple properties within a Democrat far-leftist city like New York is in itself asking for trouble. Trump should have known how vindictive prosecutors would dig through his dirty laundry looking for morsels to indict him. ‘Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime’, was the mantra of Stalin’s Soviet Union, and the same quote was used by the corrupt racist DA who vowed to take Trump down.

Escape From New York

Never go to fucking New York city or state ever again. There is a reason in the timing of these indictments directly before the coming 2024 election. Where Democrats like Hillary Clinton were given free rein to get away with their crimes, including the myriad of corrupt business dealings of the Biden family. Crooked Joe Biden was even let off by the FBI for recently being caught with Top Secret documents in his home. Democrat politicians are given freedom to commit fraud or crime at a grand level without prosecution.

There is one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans in a Democrat held state. Multiple prosecutors and legislators dismissed the Trump indictment and did not see any cause to indict Trump, yet the race spurred DA of New York is out to get Trump for his own agenda.

Republicans should be weary about doing any form of business, or owning any property in Democrat held states, especially when these animals use weaponised Federal agencies and departments to politically attack their opponents to take them out before the elections. The law in a Democrat state cannot be trusted, and neither can any of the compromised agencies working for the far-left partisan corrupt officials.

Democrats who live in Republican states and cities are not bothered, because generally Republicans are not corrupt vindictive far-left communists who use federal agencies for political witch-hunts.

Trump is 39% ahead in the election polls currently, and rising. The rule of law in America is dead today.

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