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Anti-West Axis of Evil Takes Shape

MOSCOW - Russia - Xi Jinping's China is solidifying its union with the Russian rogue state and Iran. The new Axis of Evil is forming.

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As communist China’s bloated President Xi Jinping visited rogue state Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin today to vow his undying support for Russian genocide in Ukraine, there is a feeling that things are slowly forming into a new axis of evil against Nato, with Russia, China and Iran. It is a certainty that China is supplying ammunition and shells to Russia which are untraceable. Along with strengthening economic ties, Russia and China are sealing their union.

We must of course not forget N. Korea within this unholy soup of totalitarian dictatorship, or the enemy firmly ensconced in the West dressed as liberals, or rogue globalists who firmly support China in all it does. One example of this treachery is the WEF headed by Klaus Schwab who firmly believes that China’s evil dictatorship is a great model for the entire globe.

The West has been caught sleeping, especially as its shores are teeming with Russian and Chinese spies. Every part of the corporate structure, universities, and government have Russian and Chinese agents working day and night to garner data, and destabilise the USA, EU, Australia and UK. Go to Washington D.C. or London and throw a stick in the air, when it lands it will probably hit an agent of one of these erroneous regimes, and it seems the intelligence services do absolutely nothing.

Now that China is supplying military and economic support to Russia, would it not be prudent to distance the West from China? Fuck the economics, because every day China is funded in any way by the West, it not only grows stronger militarily but is knowingly assisting Russia in its genocidal march towards the Ukrainian capital city. China, in helping Russia is working against the West wholeheartedly, and is expanding its Belt Initiative across Africa and the Middle East with impunity.

Every day, every hour wasted on ignoring the current situation will eventually come back to bite the sleepy West soon enough.

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  1. If they arrested all the Chin and Russkie spies in Britain half our cities and towns would be empty.

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