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Australia Will Print a Wombat Instead of King Charles III on $5 Bill

SYDNEY - Australia - The Central Bank announced today that they will not put King Charles III on the $5 bill, but put a wombat instead to replace the monarchy.

Australia’s central bank announced Thursday it will be replacing the image on the $5 bill with a wombat instead of a portrait of King Charles III following the transition from currency featuring the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The decision will completely remove the British monarchy from the country’s banknotes, as the $5 bill was the last remaining bill featuring a monarch.

The bank said the move was made after consulting the woke government, which was in support of the change, Reuters reported.

The decision is obviously politically motivated and is a sure sign the Aussies are veering away from Britain’s royal family.

“We were thinking of putting a croc on the $5 bill, but eventually opted for a cute wombat,” a cheery Australian Reserve Bank staffer revealed.

Treasurer of Australia Jim Convict told reporters in Melbourne, the change is an “opportunity for Australia to distance itself from the whining pommie bastards since Queenie shuffled off this mortal coil”.

Another Australian at some watering hole commented: “I’ll have another 4-ex to that, Amen!”

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