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County of Sussex Thanks Harry For Dragging Their Name Through Mud

SUSSEX - England - The people of Sussex County, East and West, are fed up of their name being dragged through the mud by Harry and Meghan.

Most Americans never heard of the County of Sussex before Prince Harry and Meghan started touting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex title around to gullible film executives with dollar signs in their eyes. Indeed, the title has been a lucrative tool for these two narcissistic grifting moaners to make up pathetic grievances against an enemy the Americans always thought were the enemy anyway.

“The British royal family are now a far-leftist liberal progressive woke American punchbag. The royal family are the new ‘bad guys’ and unfortunately the English county of Sussex is having its good name dragged through the dirt along with every fabrication spewed from the foul mouth of Harry or his permanently offended Nubian controlling witch to make millions of dollars, so they can fritter it away on bullshit,” an angry Sussex County resident revealed on Saturday.

Arundel Castle in West Sussex
A view of the magnificent Arundel Castle, located in the historic market town of Arundel in West Sussex.

Many people in the great county of Sussex are now mired by these two miscreants using the county’s name to profit off hit jobs on the royal family. The general consensus is that the county’s name has been sullied and cheapened for profit.

“We’re a county of real people with lives, and we used to be proud of the Sussex brand, but now whenever we hear the name we cringe because we know those two horrid ghastly weasels are using their Sussex titles as a means to milk for money. We never asked for this disgrace, this utter disdain for our Sussex, which has been cheapened and dragged through the mud,” another angry Sussex resident revealed.

The kingdom of Sussex was founded in the aftermath of the Roman withdrawal from Britain. It was founded by Ælle, King of Sussex, in AD 477. Around 827, it was annexed by the kingdom of Wessex and subsequently became a county of England. Sussex played a key role in the Norman conquest of England when in 1066, William, Duke of Normandy, landed at Pevensey and fought the decisive Battle of Hastings.

Whatever happens now, it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will continue their tirade in America, selling the Sussex name to film executives and anyone who will take them.

The incessant torment for the beautiful county of Sussex and its wounded people will continue ad infinitum.

Seven Sisters National park, white cliffs,beach,ocean East Sussex
Seven Sisters National Park

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