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Meghan Markle Plans Book Release On Charles Coronation Day

MONTECITO - USA - Publishers are scrambling to sign a Meghan Markle tell-all book to be released on the day of King Charles' coronation.

The success of the Harry book tell-all book, which even reveals secretive palace layouts for terrorists and attackers to exploit, has now prompted a similar book deal for Meghan Markle. According to some experts, Markle would release the book on the actual day of King Charles’ coronation to cause maximum disruption to the royal family.

“Think about it, that would be the perfect disruption to the coronation ceremony of King Charles III. Just like Harry’s book, there will be controlled leaks of details a few days before the official release to wet the appetite of the public. The leaks always create a feeding frenzy with the press,” one PR expert revealed on Saturday.

Cashing In

Already, there is a fight amongst publishers to cash in with Meghan, who is rumoured to already have her manuscript ready and waiting.

The coronation of Charles III will occur on the 6th May 2023. Planning is already under way for the massive ceremony, which will see millions of pounds spent on the day on security alone. If the tell-all Meghan Markle book is released on or just before the day, it will cause immense amounts of disruption for the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are unlikely to attend Charles’ coronation ceremony.

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