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Security Risk Harry and Meghan to Gatecrash Charles Coronation

MONTECITO - USA - Extreme security risk, Harry and Meghan are determined to attecn the coronation of King Charles.

According to insider sources, Harry and Meghan are determined to attend the coronation ceremony of Charles III, simply because they can completely “outshine the royals” and possibly ruin Charles’ coronation ceremony by becoming the “focus of all attention”.

The security nightmare has now also been exasperated by Harry’s careless and irresponsible boasting about how many Afghans he killed during his tour of duty in Afghanistan.

“Harry has inflamed Jihadists and extremists from Montecito to Kabul with his stupid boastful comments about his kill count. Not only has he jeopardised the safety of his own immediate family, but of the rest of the royals, as well as important events like the King’s coronation ceremony,” a commentator revealed on Sunday.

High Alert

Because of Harry’s irresponsible behaviour, security budgets just went up by as much as 40% on top of already high security costs. Islamic Jihadists never forget, and play the long game, as witnessed by the attacks on author Salman Rushdie.


It is very possible that Harry now has an Islamic Sharia Fatwa on his head, or any members of his family. This contract, is put out to tender, and is touted as an immense honour by Jihadists to see through to completion.

“Thanks to our ‘mate’ Harry, British personnel abroad and soldiers are now much larger and sought after targets. The King’s coronation may also become a bigger target than it already is,” someone else revealed.

Egged on by Netflix to get more insider dirt on the Windsors, and more blood money, the tone-deaf narcissistic money-grabbing Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now guaranteed to attend the coronation of King Charles.

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