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Prince Harry’s Deadly Taliban Chess Game

MONTECITO - USA - Prince Harry may have played a deadly game of chess with the Taliban in Afghanistan, but is he now a pawn of Meghan Markle's chess game?

In a war theatre, human beings are sometimes dehumanised, seen as ‘chess pieces’ on a board to be simply discarded without any form of empathy. It seems Prince Harry and his lack of military awareness and honour looks upon humans with their own families as simple chess pieces to be discarded. True soldiers and military personnel do not boast about their kill count in books to profit from or dehumanise the opposite side. There is no dignity or virtue as a soldier to do such things, and true men of the military frown upon those who do so.

Harry supposedly left Britain with Markle for supposed privacy reasons, but in his torrid autobiography he is effectively courting not only a media circus but possible increased terrorist activity and endangering many with his loose words.

Harry is Meghan’s Pawn

In 2021, we wrote an article about Meghan Markle being a possible plant by Britain’s enemies to subvert the easily led Prince. Could this be part of the puzzle that is slowly unfolding right now. It seems Markle was an important component in egging someone on who cannot think for themselves individually. It can be construed that Meghan egged Harry on to attack the royal family and is using him to undermine the monarchy along with its engrained traditions. By besmirching the very reputation of an institution that has lasted for over a thousand years, Meghan Markle has orchestrated and led her little lost puppet to do her will with impunity.

As it is today, on the eve of the Harry’s autobiography details leaking, the Sussexes stand to make huge profits from the sales of the tell-all one-sided fabrications and half-truths that constitute a real threat to national security. By boasting of shooting down two dozen men in turbans in Afghanistan, Harry is either very stupid, or a reckless unhinged loose cannon who does not think of the security implications of what he says. This sort of loose talk in a time of global tension not only puts his former military compatriots at risk, but the entire monarch and country. What if there is another Jihadist move and Islamic anger is inflamed once again?

During the disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan, Joe Biden left billions of dollars worth of high-end American weapons and hardware for the Taliban to use. Much of the weapons and explosives were sold off to the highest bidder, including ISIS, and Al-Qaeda.

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