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Now Harry and Meghan Demand They Are Portrayed on Pound Notes

LONDON - England - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex demand that their portraits are put on five and ten pound notes as well as stamps.

After King Charles III unveiled the new pound coin and ten pound note with his portrait on Monday, news has filtered through to Harry and Meghan in Montecito, California.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex not only demand an apology from the royal family for treating them in such a poor despicable way but also want their portraits on British money as well as stamps,” spokesman Ovid Scoobie announced on Tuesday.

The Royal Mint were quick to reply to the demand from the Montecito duo.

“Unfortunately, we cannot agree to the unreasonable and frankly ludicrous demands of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. If the Royal Mint ever mints a three and a half pound coin, we may consider it.”

Commentators on Twitter even suggested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex mint their own coin, possibly with a picture of a donkey’s arse, portraying both of the sorry characters.

King Charles was contacted for comment, but was too busy talking to a shrub.

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