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Putin Thanks EU For Importing Gas Worth 27 Billion euros

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Whilst pretending to help Ukraine, the EU has been colluding with Putin importing Russian gas worth billions.

Between January and November 2022, the EU paid Moscow 27 billion euros ($28.4/£23.5 billion) in exchange for the record flows of liquid natural gas (LNG). Contradicting any supposed support for Ukraine and its struggle against the Russian invasion, the EU has been filling the coffers of the Kremlin and its relentless war machine.

“We show support with one hand to Ukraine, and with the other hand take billions worth of gas from Russia, giving Putin our full monetary support,” an unelected EU Commission technocrat revealed from a 4-star Michelin restaurant in Brussels.

This sort of duplicitous treachery is a familiar EU technique utilised by technocrats who view the population as a mere statistic to be exploited.

Energy market analysis firm ICIS for the German business newspaper Handelsblatt found that imports of LNG from Russia rose by 21 per cent over pre-war levels to the EU states between January and November 2022. The EU paid Moscow 27 billion euros supporting the Russian war machine against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Putin, in his Moscow palace, could only smile like a Cheshire cat as he received another sycophantic brown-nosing phone call from French president Emmanuel Macron and more billions from the EU.

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