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Much Ado About Nothing: Meghan & Harry Netflix Whingeing Extravaganza

MONTECITO - USA - The moaning of the privileged couple Meghan & Harry in a Netflix series is shallow, trivial and insignificant.

While a horrid war is going on in Ukraine with millions of people suffering horrendous hardship and death, while people across Britain are suffering in fuel poverty, food poverty and job insecurity, here are these fuckers, Meghan and Harry moaning about their jet set life, their Montecito mansion, their privileged lifestyle where they are wallowing in more money and advantage than 99.99% of the population will ever know in their lives. This sickening vomitus couple are vile self-pitying morose creatures who are basically monetising past power plays and so-called ‘injustices’ that are in the scheme of things fucking trivial.

Netflix claims in the series that members of the royal family were approached for comment, but the royal palace has disputed that any member of the royal family was ever approached by the exploitative show. Therefore, the Netflix Meghan and Harry series starts off with a blatant lie, as it peddles its inane trivial self-pitying cowardly moan-fest.

The royal family have thus been cursed and will rue the day they ever allowed this nefarious viper into the fold. Meghan Markle, a despicable suppurating woke anal wart stalking the royal family with vicious lies, is clearly out to completely destroy their reputation and has even labelled the entire British population as racist.

This is about ego, narcissism and exploiting the memory of Princess Diana for money. Harry should hold his head in abject shame for besmirching the memory of his own mother by monetising her death via a tabloid exploitative reality show like Netflix. Scraping an already empty barrel for money, as the sycophantic leeches and parasites all nod their heads with every mundane narcissistic utterance from this vile grifting couple.

Sell your children for views, sell your dead mother for views, and sell your first world trivial grievances to people who are trying to survive in the real fucking world. Meghan and Harry are lower now than any Kardashian.

If you have a subscription to Netflix and have any dignity and pride, you should cancel it immediately, and if you don’t, you are worse than the scum who commissioned this shit, and the despicable nauseating narcissistic egotistical turds that star in it.

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