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We Have to Thank Heroic Efforts of Elon Musk on Twitter

LONDON - England - Elon Musk has quite a task ahead of him restoring Twitter from communist woke infestation. He should be applauded for his efforts.

When a platform like Twitter has been subverted and perverted to such abhorrent levels of Stasi soviet censorship as well as blatant electioneering, it is going to take some time to right the wrongs. Even for someone of Elon Musk’s can-do abilities repairing Twitter and restoring some semblance of justice is not going to be easy.

Infested with woke Marxists who would not be out of place in Stalin’s Russia, Twitter even permanently shadowbanned the Daily Squib (@dailysquib) for no given reason other than for writing satire. The Daily Squib saw what happened during the 2020 elections, and we called out the ghosting of the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was completely ignored by the social networks and mainstream media. It was as if Hunter Biden never existed, and this ghosting of news reality was probably the reason we were shadowbanned by Twitter. The truth in a time of great deceit must be shut down, and the media colluded very well in shutting that story down, thus giving Joe Biden a skewed resulting win.

Twitter banned or shadowbanned accounts solely on their opposition to the Democrat socialist party stance. Liberals used to once be tolerant but the new liberals were intolerant and closer politically to communists than anything else.

You simply cannot have democratic elections if the opposing party’s voice or any dissenting voice is erased and cancelled. This is what the likes of Twitter did, they simply banned and silenced anyone who was not a woke communist mouthpiece. The Twitter Stasi board of censors thus created a sovietised echo chamber effect, where the only people allowed a voice on their platform were the ones saying the same thing. Much like an NPC chorus of collectivist Marxist rhetoric and mantras, Twitter had been completely ruined as a democratic forum for free speech.

The people who fear free speech are the extremists of political ideology and terrorist groups. Communists, socialists, fascists and groups like ISIS, ANTIFA, Al Qaeda, BLM.

The Daily Squib’s account was effectively silenced on Twitter, and funnily enough the Taliban account was given full freedom. Twitter also championed paedophilia on their platform and defended it from banning. Extremist internal terrorist groups like ANTIFA, who are influenced and controlled by the CCP, were also given full rein on Twitter, despite calling for violence and organising riots.

Despite multiple appeals, the DS has been fobbed off by the Twitter staff, and unfortunately Musk has also done nothing to change the fucked up status of the Squib. Eh, we could just delete our account and be done with it, but somehow there is always this niggling thought to fight for justice and the truth, and that’s what we fight for day in day out asking for nothing in return. Google has punished our site for daring to have independent thought, as has Facebook.

Free thought, and independent ideas are now a criminal act, political Juvenalian satire which was once protected by society is today hunted down and silenced.

If you value free speech, freedom of expression, art, and the satirical right to offend, then please support the Daily Squib. We fight for your rights when no one else gives a shit.

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