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Britain’s Enemies Shorting the Pound and Remainer BoE Raising Interest Rates

LONDON - England - As the GBP is shorted to extinction levels by Britain's enemies, the Bank of England raises interest rates to obscene levels.

There are powerful forces at play causing a run on the pound. As it falls daily, the Remainers who have infiltrated the Bank of England whack up the interest rate to add even more misery to ordinary Britons.

You booked your fucking holidays, but now realise your pounds are worth less than the currency value of your destination. Add in the extra £2,500 mortgage costs you have to now pay, this is when you get a chronic case of sphincter knot tightening.

Britain’s enemies are now attacking the economy directly. On one hand, the Russians are not too happy with us, then you have the anti-British Biden crew, as well as the remainers in the City/BoE/civil service, the Soros whales, and of course the EU itself. All of those factions and more are counting on ruining the British economy and profiting off its ruin.

Lest we forget The Great Reset, a future communist utopia where ordinary people no longer own any assets or things. This collectivist nightmare scenario involves a perpetually impoverished population who have had all their assets and wealth stripped so that the 1% can rule over them with an even heavier iron fist from their luxurious palaces and mansions.

Is Britain now a Great Reset Recession experiment? It certainly is increasingly looking like that, because they know Brits are essentially pliant despite every indignity under the sun being foisted upon them.

An Englishman’s home used to be his castle, but with mortgage rates and insane interest rate hikes, there will be no more home or castle. People will be forced to sell their fucking houses. Renters will be forced onto fucking park benches, and landlords with mortgages will all go bankrupt.

Still, look on the bright side, there is no bright side, just a dark dank black shit filled ditch where hope floats around like a huge smelly turd in a sea full of bloated festering corpses.

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