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Woman Gave Meghan Markle £5 During Royal Walkabout

WINDSOR - England - After complaining to aides about not being paid for greeting crowds of people, a woman gave Meghan Markle some cash.

Darlene Mucklespout, 43, from Colchester gave Meghan Markle a £5 note while she was on a rare walkabout with other royals after the Queen’s death, it has been reported.

“I heard that Meghan was surprised that she did not get paid for greeting crowds of people whilst in Australia, so I waved a crisp five pound note in her face when she came up to me in the crowd.”

According to Darlene and other onlookers Meghan Markle’s eyes immediately lit up like a pair of newly drafted Russian soldiers both simultaneously stepping on a landmine just after arriving in Ukraine.

“Meghan quickly grabbed the fiver and told me that she does not get out of bed for less than $2.5 million, but on this occasion she would take my money. She literally grabbed it and said ‘gives me that’ which took me off guard. We were all gobsmacked. Me gran, Ada who was in a wheelchair took out a ten penny piece and threw it at Meghan. It fell on the pavement but this did not stop the greedy wife of Prince Harry from scrabbling around on all fours to pick it up to stash in her $12,000 purse.”

Cost of living crisis? Not for some it seems …

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