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Anti-monarchists and Republicans Should Be Allowed to Protest Freely

EDINBURGH - Scotland - Despite the Queen's recent death, anti-monarchists should be allowed to protest without the fear of arrest.

Although in bad taste due to the recent death of the Queen, in the interests of free speech and the right to protest, anti-monarchists and Republicans should be afforded the right to put forward their message without punishment.

A 22-year-old woman was arrested after holding up an anti-monarchy placard in Edinburgh on Sunday and was subsequently charged ‘in connection with a breach of the pace’.

The sign, which read ‘Fuck Imperialism, Abolish Monarchy’, could be seen amongst the crowd who had turned out to hear King Charles be formally proclaimed monarch.

This sort of heavy-handed action should never be carried out on anyone who is simply displaying their opinion about any given subject.

As long as events are peaceful with no violence, there is no need for policing when it comes to expressing the right to protest.

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