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If it Was Not Posted On Social Networks Did it Actually Ever Happen?

LONDON - England - If you did not post the latest event in your life on social networks, did it ever happen?

Many people are irreversibly connected to their smart devices, whether it is their smart phones on the go or their Alexa listening devices at home, never before have humans been so connected to technology.

You may have 30 million followers, and 10 million subscribers, but does that mean you are a better human being than someone who has five or ten real friends in the physical world?

Of course, inherently technology is not a bad thing, however with this level of overall control, will there ever be a way back?

social networksSubsequently, all of this recording of all human activity feeds into the question of privacy and the need for some humans to only measure the worth of anything by the amount of hits, or replies they get when posting their latest life’s event on the digital meat grinder social networks.

“If I do not post my latest achievement or thought on the internet, then it might as well have not happened,” a heavy social network user revealed.

People have now been completely reprogrammed to seek constant validation from others. Their entire self-worth is thus a victim of ‘likes’ from strangers on the digital platforms designed specifically to exploit humans as if they are mere rats in a laboratory experiment.

shackled to tech“Before the internet, there was little or no noise from a structure that taps into the collective human mind. If you are old enough to remember the quieter, slower pace of life before the internet, you will know that one was afforded not only peace, some modicum of privacy as well as time to consider concepts intricately without external noise. Consider the music that was created before the internet, the albums were complete focused works, the creative milestones achieved by those artists will never be achieved ever again in human history because they did not have the insisting noise of the internet raining crap on them every day and every night. Within the creative field, purity of thought has now been forever lost. In essence, every point of human thought has been subverted, and limited to a point of destruction,” one man revealed.

Go off grid then, if you hate the digital mind prison so much, is the usual retort. Yes, of course one can go and live away from it all, but that would mean a life that essentially does not exist and which cannot function within any system of today or the future. To purchase things, to use banking, finance, bills, tax, vote, everything is now digital. You just can’t get away from it, even if you try.

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