Governments and states used to in the past hold some modicum of common sense, but these days, especially during a global pandemic, this is definitely not the case.

What can you do to ensure your survival amongst a maelstrom of stupid directives, ill-conceived laws, and governmental over-reach bordering on totalitarianism?

self sufficiency food

It’s simple — become self-sufficient.

  1. Move away from cities. During societal breakdowns, cities are essentially killing zones.
  2. Become self-sufficient in all utilities, wood-burning stoves, solar energy, water collection/purification, composting toilets, recycle everything.
  3. Grow your own food, this is one of the best things you can do. It is not easy though, especially in colder climates like Britain, however look into hydroponics for indoor growth of most vegetables and fruit all year round.
  4. Livestock like chickens and goats are also a bonus to any self-sufficient holding.
  5. Always prepare some food reserves for emergencies.
  6. Gain military/martial arts training. Gain training in use of firearms for self-defence, depending on laws within your jurisdiction. Once law and order breaks down completely, forget about law within your jurisdiction, as it will no longer exist.
  7. Invest in high-end night vision goggles and a long range drone. Create a CCTV perimeter. Learn how to create traps. Keep paper maps and learn how to use a compass.
  8. Stop spending money on shit. (anything that is not useful)
  9. Get training in emergency medical techniques. Stock essential medical supplies.
  10. Own a pre-1985 diesel vehicle with minimal electronics and be proficient in mechanics. Alternatively, building a Faraday cage for your vehicle and electronics will suffice.
  11. HAM Radio, get one and learn its uses.
  12. Build an underground shelter/stockroom, or adapt an existing basement.
  13. Never tell anyone what you are doing, otherwise you will have the entire neighbourhood knocking when the SHTF.
  14. Paper money will be useless when society breaks down. Instead, food, gold, skills will be tradeable for other resources.
  15. Establish a group of trusted people who you can count on in an emergency.
  16. Be prepared to leave to a designated bug-out area at the drop of a hat.

Solar panelsThe key to self-sufficiency is to learn essential skills that would benefit you and your family in an emergency. These are more valuable than anything else. With the right skills, you will be able to survive in situations that others will not.

Surviving in wild environments will mean you will be able to distinguish edible material, make shelters/traps and create medicines.