Criminal U.S. Veterans Try to Access War Memorials

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Stasi agents working for the supreme comrade Obama bravely beat up and arrested numerous old veterans today outside the Soviet House.

A group of criminal pensioner veterans dared to try and visit memorials for fallen fellow soldiers today.

Thankfully, Stasi agents were on hand to beat the miscreant opposers of the supreme comrade in chief within an inch of their lives.

Some of the veterans were in wheel chairs and some were obviously struggling to walk with their crutches but thankfully the Stasi and riot police used batons and tear gas to neutralise the obvious threat.

“Did you see how that 80-year-old veteran of Iwo Jima went down when I cracked him on the skull with my baton?” laughing Stasi commissar, Barry Soto told state news service, MSN.

Comrade Obama, today praised the violent shutdown: “Citizens and comrades of the Soviet Democratic Republic of America. We have violently cracked down on the vile elderly traitor veterans who fought for the previous capitalist entity the United States and have somehow seen fit to reemerge from their hovels. I would like to thank the rest of the coward population who stayed at home and watched the beatings of these elderlies who chose to disobey my supreme command. You did the right thing, you must obey my every order, you cowardly yellow stained maggots.”

Comrade Obama is pleased by the progress in the SDRA and has ordered extra rations of chocolate for all compliant citizens who stayed at home. Thank you for your continuing support.