Macron Threatens to Cut Electricity For Millions of Britons

PARIS - France - President Macron and his ministers are threatening to cut electricity to millions of British households.

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Millions of British households could be without electricity in the next few days if vindictive French President Emmanuel Macron and his equally nasty ministers have their way.

French state-run EDF Energy is one of the largest producers of the UK’s electricity, producing around one-fifth of the nation’s electricity from its nuclear power stations, wind farms, coal and gas power stations.

This action is seen as just another Brexit punishment for Britain, amongst many others meted out by EU member states angry that Britain dared to leave the EU Soviet bloc.

Billed as a dispute over fishing rights in UK waters, the French EU mega-trawlers are demanding that they should cause even more ecological damage to the Channel with their huge factory ships that strip the sea of all life and cause irreparable ecological harm.

Speaking in the French parliament, President Macron was adamant that cutting off the electricity to the Channel Islands and parts of mainland Britain would be a message the “pute de merde Rosbifs” will understand.

“Nous sommes already starving the bastards out, and de couper their supply lines. Maintenant, we will arrêter their electricity supply. In 1943, même Hitler could not achieve that, mais aujourd’hui, we can! Nous continuerons à punishing the people of Britain jusqu’à they either rejoin the EU, or all tombent morts!”