Maricopa Fraud: Media Ignores Facts That Show U.S. Electoral System Not Fit For Purpose

ARIZONA - USA - The Maricopa County Audit found over 40,000 instances of voter fraud which is being ignored by political parties and news agencies in the country.

maricopa fraud

Call it ghosting or whitewashing, it’s all the same, when it comes to the treatment of American voters, not only by the Democrat Party but by the Republican regarding the Maricopa Fraud. Despite finding massive instances of voter fraud and tampering in the Maricopa County Audit, all you have to do is conduct a search for that on Google and you will only find news organisations like Reuters etc all hailing a huge victory for Joe Biden.

What is more sickening is the fact that over 57,000 fraudulent votes are completely ignored/ghosted/whitewashed by these supposedly trusted news organisations all playing the same misleading tune from their fiddles.

The facts are that there was widespread fraud concerning over 57,000 ballots in Maricopa County, and this shows that the election system in the U.S. is not fit for purpose. The Maricopa result, whatever it is, for whichever candidate, is thus false and should be disregarded forthwith.

No one is talking about the 255,000 ballots that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

This is not about Trump or Biden, it is about the American people being cheated and denied a fair, honest electoral process, and the news agencies who are reporting otherwise, should be ashamed of themselves for being complicit in the fraud cover-up.

Maricopa County is one fraudulent instance, but have they audited all the other counties, states? No, of course not, and if they did, they would find even larger instances of electoral fraud.


Decent Americans should NEVER vote again until these problems of massive electoral fraud are addressed. Those news agencies complicit in the fraud should also be forever discounted and never trusted again.